Sunday, 28 January 2007

Elephant Training Centre / Center Chiang Dao - Can just turn up?

Hello, I live in Chiang mai and last time I went with friends to Chiang Dao elephant centre we were told we had to book the elephant ride/bamboo in advance.

Is this true?

If so how do we book. We dont want to be picked up - I have my own car. We just want about an hour elephant ride followed by the bamboo rafting, no lunch.


We,, act as an agency for the Elephant Training Centre / Center in Chiang Dao.

It is often possible to just turn-up yourself and see a show, ride an elephant and go rafting, but sometimes the rides are booked up. It is also usually a little cheaper going via an agency.Unfortunately we are not able to help if you are not using our transport or guide, but there may be other agencies in Chiang Mai who will be able to assist.

Hope that helps

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