Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Google Penalty

The reason I could start this blog was because I had a bit more time and didn't know what to do.

(actually I've meant to get around to it for the past few years)

The reason I have more time is that 24th November 2006, "black Friday" chiangdao.com and it's subdomains plummeted down the rankings without warning.

As of today they are still languishing way below the key front 2 pages.

I have subsequently found links to some nasty websites buried in a neglected forum which I have removed (in fact the whole forum will be removed).

I have also toned down some of my attempt at world domination selling hotels (over ambitious from the start maybe).

Now I, the staff at Chiangdao.com and all the people around here who directly and indirectly gain employment via www.chiangdao.com are waiting and hoping for a return to pre Black Friday.

My situation is probably similar to that detailed on the following blog ...

Do I hate Google? - not yet. They seem to have a better / fairer attitude than most big companies.

Do I think that an external body ought to be policing them? - yes.

Why? - Google have such total dominance worldwide in search that the merest whim or tweak of their algorithm sends thousands of companies and peoples livelihoods to the wall.

They have a policy of not giving too much away so that people don't copy their algorithm or find new ways to cheat their way to the top. There must inevitably be times when information / guidelines cannot be clearer because it conflicts with business interests and the best interests of their shareholders.

I am also disappointed that having been a customer of their Adsense and Adwords programs almost since the start that no loyalty or special dispensation to respond specifically to my emails.
I have not been treated like a customer.

Google have the funds to be able to send emails to longterm customers and have humans who can distinguish between blatant spammers who can determine what a website is doing. I think hiding behind the secrecy stuff too much is a smokescreen.

"Running a business has risks, as does having all your eggs in one basket, but if theres only one basket it's tempting to just eat the chicken and forget the eggs." - Stuart Cavaliero on Google

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Stuart said...

Just noticed a bit of activity with my supplementals - pages previously supplemental may be doing some type of phoenix action.

Here's hoping!