Monday, 4 December 2006

Malaria, Hepatitis in Chiang Dao?

Q. .. Also, is it necessary to get any types of shots? I'm guessing no because you seem to be in a fairly cvilized area but when I told someone I was going north of Changmai, they said "oh you should get hepatitis and malaria shots. I can't believe this but your confirmation would be appreciated, The rest of our vacation includes Bangkok, Changmai and Phuket so I had not planned on gettig any shots.

A. I am not aware of any specific health risks in this area (and we do make it my business to be aware having a young family).

I don't know exactly what health precautions are currently advised for Thailand as a whole but I don't believe that visiting the Chiang Dao area requires anything additional.

With regards to malaria ...I am not a doctor or medical expert so I wouldn't want anyone arranging their healthcare solely on my thoughts. But, personally I don't and would not take Malaria pills for coming to Chiang Dao area. I have only heard of one instance of malaria in the last two years, and it's unlikely that that came from here. The locals would be the first to get, and know about any Malaria and it just seems as if thankfully there is none where we are or where we visit on our tours / treks.Taking precautions like wearing insect repellant at all times, and covering up at dusk are advised.

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