Sunday, 25 March 2007

How long from Bangkoks New Airport to the old airport?

Q. can you help me,

we arrive in bangkoko with china air on 31st march 2006 at 06.40 am

we have just been told that the internal flight with nok air now leaves from dmk, we have booked this for 09.55 hrs

how do we get from one airport to the other, have i allowed enough time, as nok air will allow me to change the flight time once.

can you adivse me of the diatacne, time it will take and what time should i look to amend my flight.

i have emailed nok air, but they have not come back to me.


A. Thanks for your enquiry.

Unfortunately I think you should go for a later flight.

If there is no traffic it should take around 1 hour between Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang Airports. There will be a lot of traffic at the time you will be crossing Bangkok, and it can take anything up to 3 hours in the worse traffic.

By the time you add in customs and 45 min / 1 hour advance check-in I think that it would definitely be advisable for a flight an hour or so later.

Maybe Nok air will be helpful?

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