Thursday, 15 March 2007

Nice letter regarding Chiang Dao Nest Tour

14th March 2007

I wanted to immediately let you know how fantastic our day was with your guide, Tony.
My father and I were thoroughly impressed with his knowledge and respect of the hilltribes, willingness to share in Thai customs and overall polite but friendly demeanor. We have already advised other travelers that we met in Bangkok of our fabulous experience with your services.
I truly have to say that it was our best day in Thailand and one of the most remarkable days of my life! I am a frequent traveler of the world but what I learned in one day from Tony was a special thing.
In addition, the visit to the Chiang Dao Nest II for lunch was spectacular as well. The service from the staff was exceptional and the chef was fabulous! We did not have any food as good as the soup that she prepared for us that day for our entire trip in Thailand. In fact, I am going to hold her to her promise to give me a recipe!
After lunch, visiting the Cave brought a lump to my throat. There is no way for me to explain the magnitude of that moment and pictures will never do it justice. I was awestruck.
Please share our comments with your owners, and, of course, with Tony, because I was so impressed and thrilled with your services. I will be returning to Thailand with my entire family within the next 3 years and I will definitely be planning a stay at your facility for several days.
If you would like to use my comments on your website you may feel free. And, if you could do me a favor and let the cook know that I still want the recipe for the Buffalo soup, I would really appreciate it.
Many, many thanks,
Marsi and Warren California, USA

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